Barrios Aéros

Due to the designation as World Design Capital 2018 of Ciudad de México Ciudad Diseño answer this question: What should be tomorrow's design for CDMX?

MXCD03 ponders on the future of design in the city and on the challenges and opportunities coming in a year of time and simbolism crossroads.

The exhibition was curated by Mario Ballesteros, director and curator of the Design and Architecture Archive (Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura) and exhibits works of Alberto Odériz + Carla Valdivia, Amor Muñoz + Pablo Somonte, + Oficina de Resiliencia Urbana, Bárbara Sánchez Kane + Andrés Souto, Básica Studio + Fabien Cappello, Edwina Portocarrero + Rozana Montiel, Güerxs + NAAFI.

This multidisciplirany work throws 7 unpublished projects embracinf different panoramas - immediate, near and far future - and points out at socio-environmental challenges ; new tools and work dynamics ; creation strategies, organization and alternative bonding.

Barrios Aereos in collaboration with Andrés Souto.

Text by Surella Segu

Soil availability is almost none.

The concept of land use non-existent.

The use of air is programmly self-regulated according to the needs. The market is subsequent. Always subsequent.

The soil is a ressource as it is available for the fixation of new colonies.
Being without feet on the earth and the danger implied by life in the air, starts a current to reconect with our prior gods, before judeo-christians values, the idols from our prehispanic past.

It is as living perennially in a prayer before taking off.

In these clusters of household, meeting another is made more by luck than by planning. Given that the earth is uncertain, the neighbohood is in constant change.

There is a spatial segregation depending on the income level, living on earth is a privilege.

Credits for household access, are not given on earth anymore.

"Being upstairs" developps a population whose income levels are smaller, but who has a new sensitivity regarding the earth and its mythologies,

By night, the ones below look at the dark sky illuminated by clusters of light in the firmament. As it used to do, night darkness unfolds a dreamy veil in the informal city's hills.

Potential transfert law is determined by the density of possible anchorage, by the soil capacity to support being dragged. A kind of inverted soil mechanics.

Before, households were produced to be chose between many of the same already built. Now, the credit capacity determines the extension of fabric, and the cost production factor. Thanks to a questionnaire, inflatable household is made from an algorithm. There is not one the same as the other. In two days, the household is ready and the ritual begins. The gods, being no more than the misterious whole of our own wills, give their verdict. The household starts to fly. The household starts to fly.