Curated by Nika Chilewich, Eva Posas and Chloé Wilcox

B L I S S is a state and a space of grace. It is a haven for female relaxation and indulgence, a place for self-care and communion.

B L I S S is a sanctuary for the convoluted and contradictory nature of female self-discovery, radicalism, freedom, power, and an endless number of other values she may choose to mobilize through her image.

B L I S S unites a series of aesthetic investigations into female artifice. Its artists embrace media culture as a resource for inquiry into the systems of psychological, emotional, technological, and economic control that continue to root female identity in masculine fantasies and patriarchal cultural history.

B L I S S takes its cues from the beauty salon as a laboratory of aesthetic innovation founded on informal discourse, affective relationships, and the idea of self-improvement as luxury. It probes the cultural terrain of female beauty through practices that hijack the psychological space of female stereotypes to find moments of agency and resistance.

At B L I S S , the body is the platform for creation, and its marketable representation the aspirational result.