Las Puertas al Sentimentalismo II


A sculpture, installation and performance exhibition by Bárbara Sánchez-Kane in Galeria Licenciado.

Coming in as a signal of compromise. To indulge in. To feel. Everything that was amassed. Permeate and shape our reality, here get to life the most extravagant desires of a mind in shameless transit around the world. Inhabit and establish its own universe composed of raw, filterless and shiny fragments of absolute presence, with a singular edge and an indiscreet enchantment. Forbidden to lean out. We must get to the bottom of the fall or the sting, look closely, accepting the sweat, the perturbation ; lack of air and roar because letting yourself be affectied is destiny. Shall the forward steps be charged with intention, those which move, cuestion, and re-build the collective imaginarium, always with a sense of humor and that way the pain is respected. Be brave. Here something started. Open throat. A new composition of Mexican emotions, to be shameless by a true wild song.