Movement Toward The Other

Movement toward the Other is a group exhibition that explores the many facets of intimacy through the lens of nine regional, national, and international artists. In the exhibition, concepts of anger, care, pleasure, pain, and self-exploration create a space for reflecting upon how we define ourselves and our lived experiences in relation to others.

Works by Bárbara Sánchez-Kane and Julie Bena shift the discourse from age-old interpretations centered on the male-gaze to a more comprehensive view of sexual experience. Sánchez-Kane’s installation combines sculpture, fashion, and video that altogether address the construction of masculine identities as exemplified in the Mexican Army. In Bena’s video Who wants to be my horse?, a myriad of sexual female identities are portrayed through a series of monologues by a cast of protagonists, including the artist herself and Madison Young, a militant figure within the “pro-sex” movement.

Movement toward the Other endeavors to present a pluralistic portrait of intimacy that challenges viewers to reexamine their intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. Collectively, the works deeply survey subjects of sex, love, hate, vulnerability, agency, and power dynamics to unveil vignettes of the interrelation between the self and not-self (Other).