Nuestrxs Putxs

THIS HOLY DAY will be the first public viewing of these ritual grounds, a realm both prelapsarian and post-apocalyptic that stands outside of time. All are invited to revel in the power of femininity, to rejoice in the timelessness of cuir impurity, and to collect talismans from its borderless pilgrimage route at the Sacred Rose Mercadito. Nuestrxs Putxs proffers icons for those who have so long been denied the graven image that is their due.
Nuestrxs Putxs is organized by LAR Arts and curated by Nika Chilewich and Sara Frier. The exhibition is generously hosted by Human Resources Gallery, Los Angeles. The Nuestrxs Putxs Sacred Rose Mercadito is curated by Anita Herrera. Lorena Vega designed the exhibition’s graphic identity. Jason Tyler Burns is the exhibition designer and Gerardo Delgado is the exhibition coordinator.